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Love & Life: Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell


Case Study: Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell/Love & Life Media

Love & Life Media is a brand dedicated to helping individuals navigate the complexities of modern dating and relationships. Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell, a clinical psychologist and author, started the brand with a vision to provide practical advice and support to singles struggling to build healthy and fulfilling relationships. However, she was struggling to reach a larger audience and achieve her business goals.

Client Background/Challenge


Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell, a licensed clinical psychologist and author, had a noble mission to help singles build healthy and fulfilling relationships. However, she struggled to effectively communicate her message to her target audience and build a strong brand. This is where Boltpoint Media came in. We worked with Dr. Abrell to create a comprehensive branding, marketing, and advertising strategy that would position her as a trusted and compassionate resource for singles seeking guidance and support. Our approach was centered around Subatomic Branding, Trilateral Marketing, and Omni-Based Advertising, which allowed us to create a cohesive and impactful campaign that would drive engagement and results.



Brand Development & Strategy

Responsive SEO Powered Website
Messaging/Copywriting/Script Writing

Community Involvement

Subatomic Branding


Video Production

Trilateral Marketing

Omni-Channel Advertising

Social Media Management
Digital and Printed Marketing Assets

Blog creation and article writing


Subatomic Branding:


At Boltpoint Media, we believe that effective branding begins at the subatomic level. By deeply understanding the core values and mission of our clients, we can craft a brand identity that truly resonates with their target audience. For Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell and Love & Life Media, we started with a comprehensive analysis of her brand and messaging, and worked to refine and strengthen her voice in the crowded dating and relationship advice space. Our team of branding experts developed a brand strategy that leveraged Dr. Abrell's unique perspective and approach, and created a visual identity that communicated her values and resonated with her audience.

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Brand Photography

Trilateral Marketing


At Boltpoint Media, we believe that marketing is most effective when it is approached from a trilateral perspective, meaning that we focus on three key areas: offline marketing, online marketing, and in-person experiences. For Love & Life Media, we used a trilateral marketing approach to reach Dr. Abrell's target audience and build her brand. We organized workshops and events in key locations like Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, and London, which allowed Dr. Abrell to connect with her audience in person and build relationships. We also secured her guest spots on relevant podcasts, television and radio shows, and leveraged social media to increase her reach and engagement online. Finally, we used targeted advertising to amplify Dr. Abrell's message and reach new audiences.

Omni-Based Advertising


At Boltpoint Media, we believe that effective advertising is about creating a seamless, omni-channel experience for the audience. That means that no matter where they encounter the brand, the messaging and visual identity remain consistent and impactful. For Love & Life Media, we created an advertising campaign that utilized multiple channels, including print, digital, and social media advertising. We also created branded content, including videos, photography, and written content that was used across multiple platforms, ensuring a consistent and cohesive message. By creating an omni-based advertising approach, we were able to amplify Dr. Abrell's message and increase her reach and engagement with her audience.

The Results


As a result of Boltpoint Media's Subatomic Branding, Trilateral Marketing, and Omni-Based Advertising solutions, Love & Life Media achieved significant growth and success. The brand's website traffic tripled within the first month, and social media engagement reached influencer status within three months. Love & Life Media became the media platform for Dr. Karin to become an international speaker and source, with workshops and events in multiple cities across the globe. Additionally, Love & Life Media championed charitable organizations, providing further support to those in need.

Dr. Anderson Abrell had high praise for Boltpoint Media's services, saying: "Before Chip and his crew joined my team, my brand was floundering. We had a vision, but no idea how to achieve it. Boltpoint Media took charge of every aspect of our branding, marketing, and advertising, teaching us effective social media engagement, advising on trends and customer preferences, providing an advertising plan based on the latest research, and bolstering our brand strategies. And as an added bonus - with Chip's infectious enthusiasm on your team, you'll truly enjoy the ride!"

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