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Omni-Based Advertising: Launch Your Advertising into Hyperdrive

In today's digital age, local businesses, small brands, and nonprofits face unique challenges when it comes to effectively reaching their target audience. That's where our Omni-Based Advertising approach comes in. At Boltpoint Media, our mad-lab team combines creative content and data-focused strategies to target customers across multiple channels, delivering tactical and dynamic advertising solutions that make your brand stand out.

Ad Content Creation, Strategic Planning, Campaign Launch: The Boltpoint Solution

We believe that advertising should be more than just a message on a screen. That's why Boltpoint Media offers a full suite of cross-platform solutions that empower you to achieve your performance goals and make a real impact in your industry. Our team of skilled experts is dedicated to creating stunning ad content and dynamic, high-impact ad units that elevate your brand's visibility, engagement, and conversion rates.

Versatile Ad Formats: Reaching Your Target Audiences

To ensure your message is effectively delivered to the right audience, Boltpoint Media provides a diverse and extensive suite of digital ad formats. From display ads to online video and social media, we reach your targeted audience where they are most active. Our versatile ad formats enable you to connect with your customers on various platforms, maximizing your brand's reach and impact.

High Impact Ads Making a Lasting Impression

Standing out in a crowded digital landscape is crucial. That's why our expert team combines the science of data-driven strategies with the art of storytelling to craft high-impact ads that resonate with your target audience. We go beyond the ordinary, creating dynamic ads that leave a lasting impression and drive results for your advertising efforts.

Precision Targeting: Reaching the Right Audience

With access to over 200 data partners and custom segments, Boltpoint Media's precision targeting ensures that your ads reach the right audience. We help you scale your advertising efforts effectively and reach niche audiences that are more likely to convert. By utilizing data-driven insights, we optimize your campaigns and deliver personalized messages to maximize engagement and drive results.

Omni-Based Solutions: Everywhere, All at Once

Our omni-channel advertising solutions enable you to reach your audience across multiple channels. Whether it's through email marketing, native advertising, display, social media, or online video, our multi-channel approach ensures your message is everywhere, all at once. By strategically integrating your campaigns, we create a cohesive brand experience that reaches customers at various touchpoints, reinforcing your message and increasing brand recall.

Experienced Team: Expertise You Can Rely On

With over 50 years of combined experience in digital advertising, our mad-lab and dedicated team at Boltpoint Media delivers exceptional results for our clients. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in the industry, ensuring that your campaigns are both effective and innovative. You can trust our team to guide you through the ever-evolving digital landscape and help you achieve your advertising goals.

Fortified Partnership: Maximizing Impact

To further enhance the impact of your advertising campaigns, Boltpoint Media has forged fortified partnerships with diverse media channels and partners. Our relationships with leading media platforms like iHeartMedia enable us to create customized solutions that meet your unique needs. With access to a range of media assets, including radio, digital platforms, podcasts, and events, we can amplify your message and extend your reach to national and local audiences.

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Advertising Partner: iHeartMedia. Amplify Your Reach.

Partnering with iHeartMedia, Boltpoint Media offers you the best of both worlds. Leverage Boltpoint Media's engaged consumer relationships and unprecedented local and national multi-platform reach to drive your media plans. iHeartMedia provides national opportunities to advertise through its unparalleled range of media assets, including on-air, online, and live events, creating comprehensive and innovative campaigns for many of the country's largest companies.

Radio - U.S. Stations: With over 860 radio stations, iHeartMedia offers local activation with national reach. Individual station brands deliver the ability to connect with diverse audiences in local markets across the country.

iHeartRadio: iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia's industry-leading digital music service, boasts over 167 million registered users and is available on over 250+ platforms and thousands of connected devices. It offers countless advertising and partnership opportunities, from unique branded custom stations crafted by iHeartMedia's world-class programming to seamlessly integrated pre-roll videos.

Digital: iHeartMedia's impressive digital assets include thousands of station and show websites, more than 167 million registered iHeartRadio users, and over 298 million fans and followers across social media. By utilizing these unique digital assets with massive reach, iHeartMedia creates innovative campaigns and programs for key advertising and marketing partners.

Podcasts: With more than 364 million podcast downloads each month, iHeartMedia leads the industry. It is home to the most successful podcast of all time, "Stuff You Should Know," with over 3 billion downloads. iHeartMedia is also the creator of hits like "The Ron Burgundy Podcast" and "Atlanta Monster." Additionally, iHeartMedia offers the best local podcasts from popular radio personalities, providing opportunities for brand sponsors on the local, regional, and national levels.

Events: With over 20,000 events, including the iHeartRadio Music Festival, Jingle Ball, Wango Tango in Los Angeles, Fiesta Latina, and more, iHeartMedia produces world-class events across the country.

Partnering with iHeartMedia amplifies your advertising reach, allowing you to connect with audiences on multiple platforms and through various media channels. Together, Boltpoint Media and iHeartMedia create a comprehensive advertising solution that drives results and maximizes impact.


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