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Boltpoint Media-A New Kind of Marketing Agency

Welcome to Boltpoint Media, where we embrace firebrand strategies, viral-driven content, and a trailblazing approach to brand identity, marketing, and advertising.

  • Are you a small business, skilled-trade or nonprofit with a killer product or service and a burning desire to grow?

  • Or a team of professionals looking to build your brand with someone you can trust – someone who asks the right questions and takes the time to understand your answers?

  • Or maybe you’re an organization who wants to work with a marketing agency that is willing to think creatively, develop unique and stylish campaigns, and delivers vibrant and effective digital marketing design?

Then we are exactly what you’re looking for. Your very own marketing and creative service department! Check out some of our work in the video reel below.

At Boltpoint, we believe that the best marketing is built on the foundation of a solid strategy. And that the mind, heart, and gut of targeted audiences, must align for true, meaningful conversion and brand loyalty.

We take a holistic approach to branding and marketing, not just looking at your company from one angle, but from all sides. We use our core expertise in Subatomic Branding and 360° Marketing to create an experience that truly shows off your unique identity.

We work with you to create effective campaigns for your products and services – whether you're looking for just-in-time content or live event experiences. We help you engage with your ideal customer in ways that are meaningful for them and beneficial for you.

In today's digital marketplace, businesses and organizations must be more than a website and Facebook page. They must be a force. An electromagnetic force to attract and pull in their ideal audiences and customers. To do this we utilize our core expertise:

  1. Subatomic Branding

  2. 360° Marketing

  3. Hybrid Advertising

  4. Just-In-Time Content

  5. Live Element: Events & Entertainment

If you're looking for a marketing agency that can help your small business, skilled trade, or nonprofit ignite scalable growth, contact Boltpoint today. We'll be happy to discuss our unique approach with you in more detail.

Our History

Formerly Gregory-Fowler Communications and established in Dublin, Ohio in 2016, our partners Chip Gregory and Essence Marsh refocused the agency to better equip and serving small businesses, skilled trades, and nonprofits after the pandemic. Re-branding the agency as Boltpoint Media, our new focus is amping up influence, sparking conversions and igniting scalable growth for our clients. While moving headquarters from Dublin, Ohio to Reynoldsburg, Ohio, we will soon be opening a satellite studio and office in Marion, Ohio.


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