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Dr. Karin: Love & Life

Boltpoint Media stepped in to help Love & Life Media, a brand founded by Dr. Karin Anderson Abrell, who dedicated it to helping individuals navigate the complexities of modern dating and relationships. Boltpoint Media created a comprehensive branding, marketing, and advertising strategy to position Love & Life Media as a trusted and compassionate resource for singles seeking guidance and support.

Discovery & Analysis

Boltpoint Media's solutions led to significant growth and success for Love & Life Media. Within the first month, the brand's website traffic tripled, and social media engagement reached influencer status within three months. Dr. Anderson Abrell became an international speaker and source, and Love & Life Media championed charitable organizations, providing further support to those in need.

The Outcome

Boltpoint Media's trilateral marketing approach included organizing workshops and events in key locations, securing guest spots on relevant podcasts, television and radio shows, and leveraging social media to increase Love & Life Media's reach and engagement online. The agency also created an advertising campaign that utilized multiple channels, including print, digital, and social media advertising. By creating an omni-based advertising approach, Boltpoint Media was able to amplify Dr. Anderson Abrell's message and increase her reach and engagement with her audience.

"Before Boltpoint, my brand was floundering. We had a vision, but no idea how to achieve it. My listening audience tripled within the first month. Our social media reached influencer status within three months. .Boltpoint will surely ‘amp up’ your business-call them today!"

Dr. Karin Anderson-Abrell. Love & Life Media (International Speaker , Author, and Podcast Host)

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