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Drink Perfection

Drink Perfector is an innovative kitchen appliance that allows you to enjoy wine at the perfect temperature without the need for a wine fridge or any expertise in wine serving. The company needed to create brand awareness, increase sales, and open new revenue streams. Boltpoint Media stepped in and provided a comprehensive solution to help Drink Perfector achieve its goals.

Discovery & Analysis

The scope of the project was extensive and included subatomic branding, trilateral marketing, and omni-based advertising, graphic design, content creation, TV/radio/podcast spots and interviews, blog articles, social media and email marketing campaigns, digital and printed marketing assets, and photography. With Boltpoint Media's help, Drink Perfector's marketing campaign was cohesive, impactful, and delivered results.

The Outcome

The campaign included promoting the Drink Perfector's unique features such as its ability to cool or warm up liquids in just 20 seconds. The company also leveraged the expertise of Master Wine Sommelier, James Bube to educate consumers about the ideal drinking temperature for wine. The Drink Perfector's versatility and ease of use were highlighted, with Boltpoint Media producing various content such as social media posts, blog articles, and TV/radio/podcast interviews. The result was a successful marketing campaign that increased brand awareness, online sales and brought in new customers from the wine aficionados to coffee drinkers.

Boltpoint's expertise in Branding has been pivotal in assisting us to define and promote our brand through a combination of analysis and innovative use of integrated marketing. Chip's extensive knowledge of the most effective advertising trends has been crucial in our growth.

Daniel Abrell, Owner & CEO of Drink Perfection

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