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El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

El Vaquero, a beloved local restaurant chain specializing in traditional Mexican cuisine, was facing a crowded market of other authentic Mexican restaurants and needed a brand refresh. They had grown from their initial location in Central Ohio to 18 locations across Southern Ohio, Northern Ohio, and Michigan, but were struggling to stand out. The company needed to generate digital brand awareness and user experience for their high touch community.

Discovery & Analysis

The solution was a strategic rebranding effort that leveraged high-end brand messaging, brand films, signage, a responsive website, video production, and collateral to celebrate El Vaquero's ranchero style of cooking and hundred-year-old recipes that set them apart from their competitors. A robust community involvement campaign was launched, including dine-to-donate programs, volunteering, and sponsoring events. This campaign helped El Vaquero stand out and authentically partner with their community, taking the brand promise to a different level.

The Outcome

Boltpoint Media also helped El Vaquero differentiate themselves from competitors by emphasizing their unique and traditional cooking style, ranchero cooking, and rich history. They used brand films, promo videos, local search marketing with location micro-sites, and other marketing materials to drive engagement and create brand awareness. Boltpoint Media drilled down to the subatomic level of the local brand promise and the customer experience, even conducting secret audits of the dining experience to ensure customer satisfaction. The campaign was highly successful, resulting in increased sales, community engagement, and record sales during COVID-19.

"Muchas Gracias for record sales during our Cinco de Mayo campaign! We've also exceeded our KPI's with both lunch sales...up 37% and alcohol sales...up 42%. We stayed ahead through the pandemic thanks to their digital campaigns and advertising.

Fernando Morales, El Vaquero Mexican Restaurant

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